Using French Press for Making Coffee

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How to use french press coffee maker properly will be helpful for people making the best coffee at home. Many people think that they have to go to the coffee shop if they want to enjoy the best experience with coffee but they can just get it at home as long as they have French press coffee maker. To get the best result, it is necessary to understand the right way for using this coffee maker. Besides knowing step by step using the French press, people also need to prepare things needed for making the coffee.

Things Needed

To make coffee with French press, of course people have to prepare the tools, the French press. There are also other things needed including craft coffee beans and water. The utensil for stirring will be needed along with mug, kettle, and time. It is also recommended for people to prepare the burr grinder as well as scale.

Step by Step

Heating the water to 205 degrees becomes very important step. It must boil and allow to set for 30 seconds. They also need to rinse the French press with hot water for a while. After discarding the rinse hot water, people can add the pre ground coffee to the French press. They can grind the coffee beans first if they do not use the pre ground one. Half of the hot water should be poured evenly over the grounds and let it set for 30 seconds. The coffee can be stirred for about five minutes. The remaining half of the hoe water can be poured over the cover and the lid should be installed to the French press. This should be set aside for four minutes. The plunger should be pressed down for filtering the grounds from coffee. The coffee should be poured to the mug directly. That is the best answer about how to use french press coffee maker.

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