Things To Note Brewing Coffee With A French press

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Brewing coffee with a french press has recently been really famous nowadays among coffee enthusiasts since it is least expensive yet the easiest one to serve. A simple pleasure in the morning after having a delicious cup of coffee that enables us to bring back the good mood for a whole day. Below are several things to note when brewing coffee with a french press.

The good and bad sides of  French press

What makes French press is different from any other method is it makes coffee by putting the coffee grounds in hot water and pressing them out. Not only it is one of the easiest among other techniques but also it takes less time to create a great cup of coffee. Unlike other methods such as aeropress and pour over, this method is quite easy to brew the coffee for some people at once. Unfortunately, it is prone to oiliness and bitterness, since it is sitting exactly on the grounds for quite some time and it can turn off people.

Basic thing to make a perfect french press coffee

Grinder is the basic thing that will really influence the result of your coffee. This is because a regular blade grinder fits well to grind coffee beans for a drip machine. Moreover, French press depends much on having an even-sized of coffee grains to create a consistent taste. Smaller-sized grains will likely to form sediment in your cup since it can get through the filter. As a result, it will cause your coffee get over-extracted and make your coffee tastes bitter. Thus, it is very important to note to never skip the combination between the coffee beans which are ground in similar consistency and grinder that plays a superior role in brewing coffee with a french press.

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