Making the Powerful French Press Bulletproof Coffee

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French press bulletproof coffee is a new kind of coffee that will surely catch your attention. As we all know, the positive side effect of coffee are the increase on alertness and energy. These side effects can be found in almost every variant of coffee, as they are the effects of caffeine to our body. But nowadays, there is a new kind of coffee that boosts the benefit of the regular coffee called the bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee

Before moving any further, it is important for us to talk about the definition of bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a coffee beverage that will significantly increase the cognitive features of our body. It is created from the mix of coffee and some other substances. The substances that are mixed with coffee to create the Bulletproof coffee are brain oil, which contains triglyceride oil, and grass-fed cows mixture, which you can get in unsalted butter. From a lot of reviews, we can see that people who consumed the coffee experienced increase in focus, stamina and more stable moods.

Make your Own Bulletproof Coffee!

Making the Bulletproof coffee is not that hard. In fact, it isn’t that different with the other variant of coffee. Firstly, you should make your coffee with a french press coffee machine. This is can be done by putting fresh grounded coffee in the french press container and fill it with hot water. After that, you just simply press the presser until the bottom of the container. Once the coffee is ready, you need to add the first ingredient to the mixture. Two tablespoons of brain oil will be enough for the first mixture of your Bulletproof coffee. After that, you have to add two tablespoons of unsalted butter to the mixture. Once you put all of the ingredients inside, you just have to stir the beverage well. Now, you know how to make the french press bulletproof coffee.

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