Knowing the Ratio of Coffee to Water for French Press Coffee Brewing

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Ratio of coffee to water for french press is confusing for a lot of coffee lover out there. But before we move any further, it is better for us to look deeper on french press coffee maker at the first place. French press is also referred to the easiest way to brew your fresh coffee. This is because the process is so easy and can be done by most of the people. The french press coffee machine is consisted with three main parts. Which are the container, presser and the filter. The container function as the storage of the coffee, while the presser and the filter are responsible to extract the juice out of the coffee grounds and separate the coffee beverages with the ground.

Ground Softly!

It has to be noted that when you are making your coffee beverage with the french press coffee machine, you have to ground the coffee not to softly. This is important because if the coffee ground is to soft, the particle of the coffee ground will slip through the filter and ruin your coffee beverage.

The Best Coffee Ratio is…

To make the best coffee beverage, you have to know the ratio between the coffee and the water. If the water is too much, your coffee beverage will be too watery and will lose its coffee flavor. But if your coffee ground is too much, your coffee beverage will be too strong and not many people will like it.

The best coffee and water ratio is 65 grams of coffee grounds to a litre of water. The mass ratio of coffee ground and the hot water would be around 1:15. With this Ratio of coffee to water for french press, the coffee will steep perfectly and your coffee beverage will taste amazing.

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