Where Are Coffee Shops Near Me? Find at Least 40 Here

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Coffee is not something just to drink. You can find tranquilness in just one gulp. Many people go to coffee shops, besides just for drinking coffee, have a purpose to hang out with friends even finish something serious which required a focused mind such as completing the task from work. Realizing the ‘need’ of coffee shops both in the US or even around the world, many entrepreneurs begin their start up with coffee shops which fortunately always crowded by many people around the US. Well, the question is, if it is that important, where is the coffee shops near me? We will provide you a review about coffee house chain that already prevalent around the world such as Starbucks, McCafe, Dunkin Donuts (as we know, they sell coffee too) and so much more which is also becomes people’s favorites. So let us jump to our review.

The Best 40 Coffee Shops Near Me (Especially in the US)

We will start the review from the most famous coffee shops. The coffee from these coffee house chain is known for its fragrant smell and unique taste because they combine few kinds of coffee beans to create that feeling which makes these coffee shops become people’s favorites. What are the coffee shops we are going to review? See more information below.

  1.    Starbucks ($4)

Who doesn’t know Starbucks? Even if you don’t know, you may see the Starbucks sign around your town; a green circle with women with long and curly hair’s sketch inside of it. Plus a ‘ Starbucks ‘ inscription. They sell a lot of variants of coffee, from the original until the extraordinary one, such as the Unicorn iced coffee. Why we choose this coffee chain a number one? Because its popularity already takes places around the world, even in the country with the minimum amount of people who enjoy coffee. In Indonesia for example, Starbucks chains already tyrannize not only in the capital city but also in many little towns. This proved an enormous success from this American coffee company.

The variations of the coffee not only just created by their creativity but also adapt the local coffee beans available in countries such as Caffe Misto which have a French culture on it, or Arabica coffee from Ethiopia or Aceh Gayo coffee from Aceh. This is an appreciation for local coffee beans, instead of removing them from their existence with newest and modern coffee creation. You cannot find this in other coffee shops near me.

  1.    McCafe ($4)

The McCafe provided by McDonald’s, the world largest fast food chain that serves a million amount of burgers, sandwiches, sodas for its customer. McCafe also adopts that kind of services; it is coffee house style café which sells variations of coffee, not far different from Starbucks. They also sells fruity smoothies, added many kinds of topping such as chocolate syrup plus mocha and hot chocolate. Same as Starbucks, McCafe already tyrannize in many countries and not only in its capital city but also in small towns.

  1.    Heart Roasters Eastside Café ($5)

As its name, this coffee shops near me located in East side, which is, probably will serve you an excellent unique coffee from there. The leading coffee with great sales here are cappuccino, latte, and espresso. The town itself is small, yet quite so it is a perfect ambiance to fulfill your tranquilness desire. Besides, you can choose to customize your coffee such as giving it more or less sugar, or even no sugar. We recommend you to come with newspaper or any book you want to read, come at this Heart Roasters Eastside Café on rainy days and enjoy the happy moment with your coffee.

  1.    Sightglass Coffee ($5)

Want to enjoy your ‘me time’ accompanied by high quality coffee beans that already roasted in crowded but comfortable place? You can consider to come to Sightglass Coffee. This café produce a hundred coffees every day, and what makes it unique is their availability to customize coffee with seasonal fruit, so you are just not drinking coffee but also a ‘character’ whether it is berries, chocolate or lemon. The beans come from Costa Rica and other Latin America, Kenya and other Africa, Indonesia and New Guinea. Since the beans come from all these place, you don’t have to be worry about the taste it made. It is really enjoyable and give you new experience about coffee. The place is comfy with chocolate color dominated the the café. The baristas are fast enough, so it could help you get your favorite coffee in no time.

  1.    Uncommon Grounds Coffee and Tea ($5)

This coffee shops near me is literally sells the same stuff as other café; a coffee. But as you might figure, it is just not a coffee. The beans come from many countries that are known as best coffee beans producers such as Latin America, Africa, Indonesia and soon. The coffee shops already operated for about 20 years and the atmosphere in the coffee shops remain the same. You will find the old but gold’s furniture like coffee beans grinder and soon. The walls and other exteriors are dominated with gold and green colors, which is quite represent the journey of Uncommon Grounds Coffee and Tea. Besides coffee, they also sells tea where the leaves come from a place with low temperature so you could feel the real experience of having a tea directly from the fresh leaves. This coffee shops already have many people since they think this is one of the best coffee shops in US they you should pay a visit, and we believe that you should do that too.

  1.    1369 Coffee House ($4)

When you come for a very first time at this coffee house, you may think that the design of this café is quite close to the house near river. Your prediction is not wrong because, yes, the 1369 Coffee House is located near a river. When many people sells, maybe, fish and chips in the place like this, this owner of the cafe bravely take a choice to make a coffee shops and it turn out success. Not only the place where you can enjoy coffee with a view of the river, but you can also find the tranquilness here. Plus, the coffee shop also sells hot chocolate and hot cider in case you bring your children here. The beans roasted locally but come from Ethiopia, Indonesia and other countries which produce great coffee beans. The taste is pure and original so that you won’t be disappointed.

  1.    Artifact Coffee ($6)

You can find out slightly about this coffee shops near me by reading its name. artifact coffee, means you might find something old and conventional here; like this coffee shop’s breakfast. Yes, you can order a meal here plus the coffee. They sells bread, egg, pastries, soups, and good coffee. The design of this coffee house is quite traditional with flower accent in every furniture such as plate, glass and soon. This café may want to bring back enjoyment of drinking café from centuries ago. You can come here with your parents or gramps and make them reminiscence about their gold days. Also, they come up with lunch and dinner too so you when you cannot get over here at morning, at least you could fill your stomach in the afternoon here.

  1.    Black Bear Coffee House ($6)

Imagine of experiencing the the wood and forest with one cup of coffee? In Black Bear Coffee House, you can do anything. Enjoy the coffee with the woods and mountain view. The design and architecture of Black Bear Coffee House building is no joke; you will literally feels like you are in a hut, sitting and take a rest for a while after a long journey of exploration in forest. The coffee in this coffee house has a high quality you should not ask again. Roasted locally, plus the coffee beans come from countries with huge and great produce of coffee beans such as Indonesia, would refresh and calm your minds after hustle bustle of life. Order your coffee with pulled pork sandwiches – which is very good to eat.

  1.    Daylight Mind ($5

There is nothing can defeat the enjoyment of drinking coffee with ocean view. In Daylight Mind, you will find your serenity while drinking your favorite coffee. The good thing is, this coffee shops near me is located in Hawaii, which also produces good coffee beans so what you drink is completely from a local beans with conventional making process. This coffee shop also sells food like bread, pastries, soup, sandwiches and others. The Kona bean is most famous here, and you should taste the Kona coffee.

  1.    Lamplighter Coffee Roasters ($5)

With its modern design, these coffee shops offer a coffee consumed by most of the millennials with the full range of flavor; from original to combination taste. But who knows that the lamps they use are a used light from a vehicle? So the coffee shops decided to bring old things back with touch or modernism, and it does makes people will slightly accept the exteriors as modern one. regardless of its architecture, this Lamplighter Coffee Roasters sells the wide variety of coffee from many kinds of coffee beans, which are, imported from Africa, Latin America, and Pacific Island. So, bring a newspaper or book here and enjoy the coffee here.

  1.    Madcap ($5)

This coffee shops near me is a place for people with the business but still want to relaxed when they finish their task. When you first come to this place, the view you will see is a bunch of people carrying their laptop, opened it, drank a coffee and focused on their notebook. Yes, besides the ambiance and atmosphere there are support us to concentrate on finishing something, the coffee they produce have a high quality that could make costumer find their focus. The place is large and have maximum light. So rather than spent a time in wrong coffee house, just bring your laptop to Madcap and let their coffee make you more productive.

  1.    Speckled Ax ($6)

Do you want to drink your cup of coffee with traditional brewing method? Then just come Speckled AX. They sell really good coffee from highest quality of coffee beans. The brewing process is manual, and it does make a sense since almost all food and drinks that are treated with the manual operation are tend to have better taste than from a machine. This is not included the food they sell like sandwiches, egg, soups and so on. You can choose the fill your sandwich and the flavors of the coffee you want. Regardless of that things, one of the important information we should know about this coffee shop is their speciality to roast an organic coffee, so what you get after you pay your coffee is an organic and healthy coffee, which makes your body feels better not only and enjoyment of the taste but also the merit of content inside the coffee.

  1.    Dunkin Donuts ($5)

Who doesn’t know Dunkin Donuts? Familiar and referred to as a factory for delicious donuts, you may not be aware that Dunkin Donuts also has a coffee and yes, they are as aromatic and delicious as its donuts. With many varieties of beverages, you won’t feel bored to taste the coffee every day. You also can mix and match the spices and herbs into your coffee or tea so it can be delightful when you tries it. We recommend you to try its tea because the tea may be an underrated thing in café, so you have to drink the tea a restaurant provide and give a comment about its taste. So, go grab the donuts and drink the coffee from this coffee shop.

  1.    Dirt Cowboy Coffee ($5)

Feeling not well enough to taste a coffee? You may visit the Dirt Cowboy Coffee. This coffee shop is not only selling the coffees like cappuccino, frappe, latte and so on but also a boutique so you can see clothes and tops you desire instead of just drinking coffee. The design of this café is also enhancing, you cannot tell that the building is coffee shop because it is so simple and you can find it directly. The combination of blue, chocolate and white color of the building also makes this coffee shop a favorite. They also allow you to enjoy your coffee outside. Besides coffee, they also offer a food such as fruit pastries and pie.

  1.    Cultivar Coffee Bar ($5)

Like its name, you can enjoy the excitement of trying a new mixed coffee or first coffee with bar atmosphere here, like you are drinking wine. The owner roast their own coffee beans, so that means the beans roasted locally and it certainly tastes good. Besides, the ambiance will make us comfortable just by sitting and talking to each other while you gulp a coffee or your own. Also, you may note that this coffee shops near me is right for hang out and socialize and may not proper if you just bring your books and read there alone. The concept is same as the bar so it is possible that you would be lonely if you don’t bring friend there.

  1.    Crema ($5)

This coffee shop does not only sell cappuccino, latte, frappe, espresso and another kind of coffee but also sells the beans so you can brew your coffee in a home. You can get it at low prices. Instead of brewing in home, why you don’t take a cup of coffee from Crema here before you go? The ambiance is so good; the place is so aesthetic that you can feel this place is built well. You can hang out here with your family or friends, bring your boyfriend or girlfriend or just come alone with your books. Because the atmosphere is quiet, you won’t be interrupted when you have to focus on something you have to finish or concentrate on memorizing and understanding materials you read the books. Trust me, this coffee shop is fantastic, and you should pay a visit to this coffee shop.

  1.    Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Shops ($5)

Who says that you cannot sell both of very different things in one store? The Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Shops provide you a bike and a coffee. Unrelatable, isn’t it? Usually you can get pastries when you go to coffee shop, get  a coke when you go to burger shop, but you also can get bike while drinking your coffee. The primary purpose of the owner is not just to sell the bike but also to show off their bike collection in unique ways. When a costumer attracted and interested with one bike, they will sell it. The coffee beans they have comes from Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago, which imported many varieties of coffee beans around the world. So, try the new experience in enjoying coffee with bicycle sight seeing.

  1.    Devosion ($10)

Want to benefit from the coffee with luxury feeling around you? Then comes the Devosion, where you can find a $10 for the coffee shot (it is the lowest price). But you cannot judge it from its price because what they offer is a rare espresso with the highest quality of coffee beans. The room is exclusive, which will make you feel extravagant when you sit there. Usually, people here comes with newspaper or political books, you know, that kind of individuals. Intelligent, critical yet elegant. the coffee house have a combination of chocolate both dark and light chocolate colors and elbow furniture everywhere. The chair is an old ottoman style. Plus, this place provides you a huge but tranquil place to discuss any serious things with your partner. Instead of thinking about its high price, why don’t think that this is quite worthy?

  1.    Milktooth ($5)

Millennials need an Instagramable place to visit so Milktooth initiated to be the coffee shop with an aesthetic look as its coffee also attract our heart. You may not find an original milk here (just because its name contains Milk letter doesn’t mean the cafeteria sells milk) but you can order a customized and flavored milk, coffee and tea here. A food such as soup, pasty, sandwiches, cake, cookies and soon are also provided here. You can find the most comfortable seat you want and take a photo there. Milktooth comes with warm blue and white color combination which can make you feel relaxed. Besides the design is great, you can also meet the friendly baristas that will be ready to serve you any time. You may add herbs and spices you make to your coffee or tea. Better take your friends here to hangout!

  1.    Mothership Coffee ($4)

Known for its tasty Peruvian coffee, this coffee shops near me has become one of the best coffee shops the US have. The cafeteria is quite comfortable with minimum space, plus they are also selling a snack such as pastries, pies and soon. You can choose espresso, latte, mochaccino, cappuccino and another kind of coffee. You can also add and remove herbs and spices to contaminate your drink. Plus, you can buy the coffee beans there if you decided to brew the coffee in your home. The price is also not high and you can afford many cups of coffee. The beans come from many countries that produce coffee beans around the world and through the selection process, the coffee beans used are the best one. the coffee shop located near old shopping centre so you may buy old things as souvenir there or even a coffee beans instead from the coffee house. All things are good except the place which is quite small where only twenty peoples can fit there. But this also and advantage if you want to enjoy coffee in small space. Unlike another coffee shops, they also sells veggies cake and twinkies that you could try!

  1.    The Coffe Bean ($5)

If you ever watch the television show about coffee, well, maybe this coffee shop is for you. Who doesn’t know about The Coffee Bean Show? So, there is really an actual Coffee Bean café which used as a setting for the television series. In Indonesia especially, there are The Coffee Bean Show, a comedic television show that accompany us every day and move us into laugh. The real Coffee Bean café is sells many things include coffee and snacks such as pastries, cake, cookies and soon. To be honest, you will fall in love with this coffee house since this site offers a good ambiance for you.

  1.    Happy Coffee Co. ($4)

If you are an espresso lover, then you cannot resist to not visit this place. The Happy Coffee Co. offers many special espresso flavor for you, an espresso lover. Located in Denver, for you who are a coffee lover around Denver, this coffee shop may be the most famous around there. One gulp of Happy Coffee Co.’s coffee makes you feel better. You also can ask the espresso in ice in case you don’t like the hot one. The place is also minimalist but spacious, makes you feel comfy one you already sit there.

  1.    Boxcar Coffee ($5)

Are you interested in something unique? Then we tell you, that this coffee shop offers a uniqueness they have; the coffee flavor. Who knows that your coffee can also be flavored with unusual flavors such as citrus and berries? This coffee shops near me also already familiar in Denver because they claim they have heating systems which can make their coffee become tastier but also keep up at the perfect temperature. Are you curious about this things? Then we recommend you to directly got Boxcar Coffee.

  1.    Joe Bean Coffee ($5)

When you visit Joe Bean Coffee, you are not just drink the coffee they made; you will learn the making process of it. This coffee shop is built for you who are most curious about the making process of aromatic, excellent quality of the coffee. The place is spacious but offers you a tranquilness so you can learn anything about coffee from the kind of their beans, the very first step to process the coffee beans until reheating the coffee without decrease its quality. With the professionals stay with you, you will bravely have an experiment on how you can create a great flavor that comes out from your coffee.

  1.    Cafe D’Bolla ($5)

You might get bored with coffees around you when it comes just with an original and ordinary flavor and kind. It is just an espresso, mochaccino, cappuccino and other things boring. How if we take you to the Café D’Bolla where you can at least try the samples of all coffee beans both local and around the world? this may be the best thing you have ever had! If you have a curiosity about the flavor of coffee beans around the world, then join us in our journey to this coffee bar.

  1.    Bad Wolf Coffee ($5)

Although the name is Bad Wolf which have a sense of terrible, it actually don’t apply to the menu this café provide. You are more likely to feel like in your grandma house rather than in forest because the coffee is so good, like it was a homemade coffee your grandma usually make. The snack to accompany your coffee is also cannot be beaten by all snacks in other bakeries, such as croissant and other kind of pastries, blueberry cake and soon. You won’t be disappointed by drinking a coffee and eat a spoon of cake here.

  1.    Kaffe 1668 ($4)

If you are looking for a cultural coffee shops that offers different kind of coffee, you may go to the Kaffe 1668 since this café is influenced by Swedish culture. The interiors pretty much represent the culture of Sweden with woods and other things to complete. The coffee house is also comfy, complete with the cakes, cookies and pastries to accompany your drinking. You can choose a wide variety of coffee, but this coffee shops near me sells a traditional coffee that comes from Sweden.

  1.    Intelligentsia Coffee ($5)

Well, this one is really famous around the US! You can ask about Intelligentsia Coffee to all coffee shops around the US. Because of this coffee house’s popularity, most coffee shops in the US imported their coffee beans from Intelligentsia Coffee. So basically, what you drink in that coffee shops have the same ingredients with Intelligentsia Coffee. But, you have to be aware that may be with those high-quality coffee beans, there are also coffee shops who cannot process it well, so the coffee they produce is as not good as Intelligentsia Coffee has. As we cannot say anything regarding this coffee shops, we advise you to try the coffee here by yourself.

  1.    Albaco Espresso ($5)

This coffee shops near me is not just an espresso specialist but also home for Spanish and Portuguese influenced food like olive oil cake and soon. You will get the excellent quality of the coffee where you also can choose which food will accompany you. The place itself is comfy and as any other coffee shops, offers great ambiance that you make your ‘me time’ with coffee more memorable. Bring your books here and enjoy the greatness of drinking coffee.

  1.    Coava Coffee ($5)

While before this you find that there is a cafeteria that offers you to learn anything about coffee directly from the professional, this Coava Coffee offers something different (but actually, it is still the same; learning coffee). Instead of just drinking coffee and sit on your chair, in Coava Coffee, you can learn how to produce a coffee bean, how to tend to a coffee garden, and soon. Then, you can see yourself great beans you produce, and you also can buy those beans or makes coffee directly in Coava Coffee. This coffee shop is not only have a business purpose, but also willing to introduce and explain about coffee production at the back of the stage. So costumers are not only enjoying the coffee, but also enjoying the making process of coffee they had.

  1.    Barista Parlour ($6)

Here comes the unique coffee shops again! If you are biker or motorcycle lover, then this place may be suitable for you. With the blue and red combination of wall, plus vehicle collection with many varieties, the Barista Parlour want to give some thrilling and different experience in enjoying a cup of coffee. This coffee shops near me may look gentle and manly since another uniqueness they have not only on the menu but also the interior and exterior. Plus, you also can take a photo with these unique motorcycles.

  1.    Fourbarrel ($4)

You can enjoy the cup of coffee here the and view the creation that comes from creative people. You can say this coffee shop as a part of coffee shop and part of art gallery. The Fourbarrel is designed like an art gallery with the complimentary items such as drawings, paintings or even sculptures. This coffee shop offers you a different variant of drinks such as moccasins, cappuccino or even just a hot chocolate. Plus, the snacks’s choice are also on you hand. You can find croissants with many flavors and filling, cheese cakes and others.

  1.    Octane Coffee ($5)

The Octane Coffee located in Atlanta and provides you a coffee with the beans around the world. Besides that, you can enjoy your coffee and surf to the internet on your laptop; because the wifi connection in this coffee shop is fast. Octane Coffee often visited by students and other millennials; since the place is Instagram Mable, aesthetic and offers you a comfy atmosphere. This place is, probably, suitable for coffee geeks who always find a comfortable yet cheap priced coffee shop plus give a tremendous merit for them.

  1.    Budin ($10)

What do you think when you saw a coffee that cost $10 per cup? That is hardly over priced, you said. Well, we can say that but what if the coffee they sells have a uniqueness and it is worth it? This kind of problem happens when you want to order a cup of coffee from Budin. Yeah, this coffee shops are selling a high priced coffee but trust us, you cannot resist the coffee itself when you already try once. With Scandinavian culture on their building, the Budin offers you great experience like you are in Scandinavian house and eating its food. You can also buy Nordic merchandise they sell here. This is entirely different from any coffee shops.

  1.    Pavement ($10)

Enjoy the coffee with warm ambiance in this coffee shops near me. Same as another luxury café, this café provides a broad range of drinks and food luxuriously. The interior and exterior are in a combination of gold and dark chocolate color, make it really comfy even if you bring your gramps here. You can drink an original dark coffee until mochaccino and eat the original cake until chocolate filled croissant.

  1.    Ritual Coffee Roasters ($4)

When you are sick with the wide variety of coffee that makes you confuse on choosing what you like the most, you have Ritual Coffee Roasters that sell an original coffee only, so this place is ideal for coffee geeks who always wanted to taste the pure and original coffee. You can taste the coffee from many kinds of original coffee beans that comes far from countries who produce coffee beans. The ambiance of the place is not greatest but you will get comfortable here. This place also sell cake, cookies and pastries.

  1.    Heart Roasters ($5)

Who doesn’t want to drink coffee in a place where the owner is so kind and friendly? Well, you will feel comfortable too. The Heart Roasters do that; the owner is not only friendly, but good. He allowed the Heart Roasters to also sells the beans they roasted, he also insist on selling the same equipment for coffee making online at this coffee shop’s website. They think that the most important is the quality of baristas they have and the management. The coffee beans and equipment are important things that help them succeed in making their coffee shop bigger.

  1.    Little Collins ($5)

You will feel like this coffee house is your home once you try to come here. The Little Collins provide not only a great coffee but also complimentary snacks and the homey ambiance that will make costumes feel like they are in their home, drinking a good coffee accompanied by delicious snacks. The price of the coffee here is also not high, because Little Collins know that family is free (but that isn’t mean you can take their drinks and snacks free!) Little Collins just want to give us a sample of the importance of sharing in family.

  1.    Panther Coffee ($5)

One of the coffee house that also provides an outdoor seat so the costumer can view the landscape of the town. They sell a broad range of coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, cakes, and cookies. You can just bring yourself here or come with your friends because the atmosphere of this coffee house is suitable for any activity you want to do, either talking to each other or just read the books quietly. Plus, they also offer the milk shake and juice.

  1.    Joule Coffee ($5)

This coffee shop also provide an original taste of coffee where they roast their coffee on their own, import the coffee beans from around the world. the dark original coffee becomes costumer’s most favorite, and usually the costumer who comes here also order for a snacks, sit and read the newspaper. A very typical kind of coffee shop, but you will find the pure and original coffee they make.

Well after this long explanation, have we answered your question, “Where is the coffee shops near me?” If yes, let us know what coffee shops that already become your target of a visit. Happy coffee journeying!

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