Cholesterol and Coffee French Press

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Cholesterol in coffee french press might be a great concern for people especially if they want to have healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt that the debate about the healthy and unhealthy aspect of coffee drinking habit. Many people make drinking coffee as their daily habit. They want to enjoy delicious coffee so they will invest the necessary tools such as French press. It is said that coffee has some health benefits. It is also said that coffee can cause some health problem. People start asking about the cholesterol which can be found in the coffee made with French press.

Cafestol and Kahweol

Many people drink coffee a lot but maybe many of them have never heard of cafestol and kahweol. Both are the compounds which can be found in coffee. It is said that those compounds can have health benefits because they comes with anti cancer, anti viral, and also anti bacterial properties. After hearing this, people might think that it is fine to drink coffee as often as they have today.

LDL Cholesterol

People must not forget about the drawbacks which can be found from drinking coffee. Besides all of the good properties in the cafestol and kahweol, those compounds actually can increase the level of LDL cholesterol in the body. It is not good for the heart health after all. After hearing this, people maybe will think that they should forget about using excuse of drinking coffee for their health. However, they can actually find the life hack for solving the cholesterol problem from the coffee with French pressure. All that people have to prepare is the coffee filter. They have to forget about the unfiltered coffee and they can forget about the cholesterol problem. This is the simple method which can help people to reduce the cholesterol in coffee french press.

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