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Do you love enjoy a cup of coffee in your relax time? If that so, you must familiar with coffee maker. One of the most popular coffee maker is French press. This machine can be said as the solution for you who want to make a cup of coffee with drip coffee maker method, but much faster. Yes, French press coffee maker can give you the fresh brew coffee at faster speed than other coffee maker. Now, if you use this coffee maker, you must familiar with Bodum coffee maker. This is one of most popular coffee maker brand you can find today.

The process to use this coffee maker is actually simple. You just need to use water. Water you should use shouldn’t be at boiling point. Cool it down little bit. Then grind your coffee bean, where you can choose to grind it finely or choose coarse grind type. Now, the most important step in this coffee making process is how many scoops of coffee for bodum french press. This step will decide how strong your coffee will be. For Bodum French press, you need to use formula, 2 tablespoons for 1 cup. Normally, you will only use 1 cup of water to make a cup of coffee. That means you just need to use 2 tablespoons. If you want to make stronger kick, use 2.5 or 3 tablespoons of grinded coffee bean. Next, you just need to stir, pour, steep, press the plunger and enjoy.

Basically, Bodum French press gives you more freedom to create any coffee taste that you like. Just adjust how much scoops that you want to use. You can use it to create smooth and easy to enjoy coffee. Or, you can make some energy booster you can enjoy in the morning to start your day.

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