How to Make French Press Coffee at Home

How to make French press coffee? Actually, we are going to give you some tips and advice through this article. A coffee lover would like to know about this lesson. But even if you are not one of the coffee lovers, the lesson will be a new experience for you. Other than that, coffee is something universal.

You can break the ice by offering coffee to your acquaintance in the office or making good coffee for your guest. So, knowing a little about coffee would never hurt you though.

How to Make French Press Coffee?

I will assure you if there are a lot of ways in order to geek out over a thing called coffee. Since there are so many kinds of coffee as well as the way to serve it, most people still prefer the classic one in the morning. A cup of hot coffee in the morning is kind of delicious pleasure yet simple. It makes you energized after wake up and before starting your daily activity in the morning.

Well, French press is one kind of the easiest types for hot coffee in the morning. It is not expensive even though you make it in your home. And in this article we are going to give you the essential of making French press coffee.

French press coffee: Pros and cons

Before we start the main article about how to make French press coffee, you should know about the pros and cons of this simple one. The first step is by steeping down the coffee grounds in the hot water and then pressing out the grounds after several minutes. You can definitely make this coffee at home by using your favorite coffee ground too.

Drip coffee maker is the easiest way to make coffee and French press is like the other after that. You need little time to make it and you get the best quality of coffee for your day in the morning. Besides, it is different than the Aeropress or the pour over coffee because you can brew coffee for more than one people only in one brewing time. But still you make it right from the ground coffee you probably will taste the bitterness as well as the oiliness. Some people are not into this kind of coffee, unfortunately.

The basic of good French press coffee

Even though it is not much in time-consuming, you need a while in order to warm up if you want to make French press. You will need little blade grinder in order to make this coffee. But you probably will not like the taste if you make it like every day, since the bitterness and oiliness cannot be denied after all. If you are one of people who do not like this kind of coffee, you can use the Aeropress because it provides robust taste of the coffee without make it tastes bitter and oily.

But it does not mean you cannot enjoy the French press coffee. As long as you have the right grinder then you can avoid the oily and bitter stuff from it. Seriously, grinder matters when it comes to coffee.

When you want to know about how to make French press coffee, you should know that at least there are two things that could mess up the coffee. They are the temperature of the water and the bad ground coffee. If the water temperature is too hot then it could burn the coffee ground but if the water temperature is not hot enough then the process in boiling the ground will not be completely. And the bad quality of the ground coffee will make the coffee bitter and muddy. This can also be caused by too much soft grit.

You also have to pay attention on the grinder because if the grinder is not right then you will not make a great French press. Besides, you need to improve your sense of water temperature. So, after you boil the water, you can let it sit for a while before starting to brew the coffee.

Burr grinder is the good option

French press coffee is one of the things in the kitchen that will depend on the tools you use. Sometimes the regular grinder, especially small blade would not work when you make this coffee. The regular blade might be suitable for drip machine but when you want to make French coffee, you need the bigger blade for the grinder. Too small grains will pass the filter and it makes the coffee tastes bitterer. But if you use the burr grinder, which is bigger than the regular blade, you will be able to prevent this kind of lack when you make French press.

If you do not want to buy the burr grinder yet, you can grind your coffee beans at the coffee shop nearby. Grinder for commercial uses is commonly doing great job for grinding stuff. Some people will not buy the burr grinder because they do not have space. Well, if this is your issue then you probably better try the other methods such as pour over, Aeropress, and many more.

Ration of the water and the coffee

You can put 32 ounces of coffee beans for four servings of French press coffee but it does not mean that you cannot make for less or more servings. We have the general guide in making the French press for less or more than four servings. But make sure that you already measure it before grind the coffee beans.

  • You will need 2 table spoons of coffee beans and a cup of water for single serving.
  • You will need ¼ cup of coffee beans and 2 cups of water for two servings.
  • You will need ½ cup of coffee beans and 4 cups of water for four servings.
  • You will need 1 cup of coffee beans and 8 cups of water for eight servings.

Hope you can make your own coffee after reading the guide on how to make French press coffee.